Fitne - Coffee Instant Black

  • Start your day with ... Low calorie coffee and the right recipe for you. Fitne Black Coffee, Black Coffee, Coenzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine formulas provide 20 calories per glass.
  • Black Coffee Black Coffee Intensity Simple but charming Combining Coenzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine For the maximum benefit for people who care about you like you
  • How to make / Directions Pour the sachet into the cup, add 120 ml of hot water. Stir well.
  • Components / Ingredients Instant Coffee 50% L-Carnitine tartrate 3% Coenzyme Q10 10% 0.3%  (Sweetener instead of sugar / sweetener (Sucralose / Sucralose), Food Additives / Food Additive (Maltodextrin / Maltodextrin, INS 500 (ii), INS 551))

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